Rainbows at Emerald Lake

Last February I received a beautiful email from Jenna and Ross.  They both completely inspire me with their passion for each other and the parts of life we often take for granted.  I’m sharing this email with you below.  It is ultimately the start our journey together and my gift to work with two fabulous people.  Since Jenna and Ross live in Ontario, our relationship evolved via email and our phone calls.  Finally, a much anticipated meeting in Calgary a week before their wedding and I felt as though I had known them forever.  I feel lucky to have been part of their breathtaking moment in time at Emerald Lake BC with their family and closest friends.

I was also lucky to share this experience with my good friends Kirstie and her husband Kevin from Orange Girl Photography.  A brilliant photographer, who I like to refer to as ‘The Goddess of Light’!  She shared a wonderful blog post about Jenna and Ross and their gorgeous invitations.

{Jenna’s original email}

Well, a bit about us…

Jenna Maedel, age 26, registered nurse.

Ross Tregenza, age 27, family business of powdered metals/ tool and die

We’ve been together for over 4 years now.  We live together just outside of London Ontario.  We are two lovers of art and anything that brings creativity to life.  On our first date we went to see stomp the musical and we knew we would be a great match for each other.  I have a love for everything paper and for colour.  Ross, mostly art and photography.  He’s really into music too.  That’s one area we aren’t exactly on the same page about!  LOL

For my 25th birthday, Ross surprised me with a jet setting trip to Paris France.  Yep, you guessed it, down on one knee on the top of the Eiffel tower.  I know cliche but it was soooo romantic.  We had a great time.  Paris in the fall; such a treat!

We’re coming out to the west coast for our wedding to keep it romantic and small.  We’re expecting about 50 guests to attend.  We’re hoping to write our own vows if we can get past the emotional part and not sob!  lol

If I had to sum up our relationship, I’d probably say that its fun loving, playful and romantic!

Well that’s the basics I guess!

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  1. A masterpiece once again Nicole and Trevor. Beautiful work. This bride has great taste LOL We had the same dress! xo Shauna

  2. Just wanted to drop by and tell you how wonderful I think your work is : )

  3. Nicole!
    Tried to call you tonight about the style me pretty post!! AHHH we're so excited! PS- You're making everyone cry here in ontario! Everyone LOVES it!! They are sooo impressed with your clever way of putting it all together and ability tug on everyone's heart-strings!


  4. Shauna; Your highlight was beautiful too! I saw your highlight and realized that we had the same dress right before our wedding so I felt like I had to go to great lengths so that Ross didn't even see the dress before our day! lol Amazing that we both wore Torrean in our own ways and both looked fab!!

  5. So beautiful and original! Loved it.