Jillian + Matt

Made for each other.  In Matt’s vows “Sent to each other at the perfect moment in life”.

For me, couples stories are told within the moments not necessarily the moment itself.  What I perceive about Jillian and Matt when I watch moments in their highlight:
They are very comfortable with themselves and each other.
They have a passionate relationship.
Jillian loves fashion and has impeccable taste.
Jillian does not sweat the small stuff, in fact she embraces it.
Matt is driven and content.
Matt is a perfectionist.
They love their friends and their friends love them.
They compliment each other and look to each other for advice.
They are both kind, gracious and thoughtful of others.
They can’t be apart.
They are adventurous.
Deeply connected to family.

They are also avid electronic music lovers, furniture fanatics and part-time artists.  Jillian wanted the wedding to be contemporary, clean, crisp, glamourous and luxurious.  From the candle lit ceremony, chartreuse ribbon, fully draped rooms, floating flower arrangements, custom stationary, and one of my favourites Jillian’s Donaire wedding dress by Pronovias.  The details of their day were sensational.

Thank you to the lovely Amira at Posh Productions for accommodating some special requests!  Amira and her team created such an elegant and extraordinary event.  Other fabulous artists that were part of the wedding – Fuller Edge, Occasional Bloom, Make Up by Jackie, Plush Invitations, Allegra Quartet and the Real Deal Band.

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2 Responses

  1. Looks amazing! Great job you two! :)

  2. I thought I would make it through this one without tears until the father’s speech, his tiny hesitation before moving onto describe his daughter’s qualities made me a puddle of tears. So sweet. The groom’s vows were so moving, what a gift to have them captured in film to replay over and over. Adorable couple with lots of style.