This past weekend I had the amazing privilege of having my portrait photographed by Orange Girl Photography.  I absolutely adore and love the images Kirstie and Kevin create together. We have been fortunate to work along side Kirstie and Kevin these past couple years at weddings together and have gotten to know them not only as a great photography team but as friends. Every time we work at  weddings with them, I see first hand their genuine passion for their clients and the work they capture.  I really just wanted one photo for my website and that one photo turned into a crazy adventure! We hiked a mountain literally:) Kirstie had these little touches that were so me.   Heart strands, a sweet banner with the letters “storyteller”, and the perfect surprise ~ a hand made toque in the perfect blue to match our brand colours. When we first spoke about the shoot I shared with Kirstie that I love wearing toque’s. I couldn’t believe how perfect it was when I opened Kirsite’s hat surprise! So thoughtful, exactly who Kirstie and Kevin are……I felt so comfortable all day. They not only captured me, but those I hold closet to my heart. I will be forever grateful. I had such a hard time choosing the one image I wanted for my website so I thought I would share a few more…..

P.S. The sweetest toque ever was hand made by Yokoo + a very special thank you to Stephanie Roy with Symiotics in Banff for doing my hair and make up – you are an angel!

The hearts strands were so sweet!

My heart locket means the world to me-I wear it all the time when I am working.

My favourite shoes ever!


I am in love with this toque:)

The other half of Confetti

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  1. Stunning photos and the details are sooooooooooooooooo cute.
    Nicole, you look gorgeous. Kirstie captured you perfectly :o)

  2. Nicole, these photos are beautiful! Kirstie, did such a lovely job, as she always does! We are the ones that made the “storyteller” letter garland 😉 She was so excited to give it to you, and we are so glad that you liked it! what a wonderful story of a beautiful friendship! xoxo

  3. You are so beautiful, and beautiful to work with. We look forward to working with you for Samara’s Bat Mitzvah in 2013. We already have some grand idea’s. It will be another memorable day in so many ways…
    all our love, Larry and Tina