*a small glimpse*

Here’s a small glimpse of Kristen and Darren’s wedding.  I’m completely in love with the emotion of their day and will be posting their complete highlight soon.

Until then..

* The soundtrack I choose is titled, We Ran From the Rain by Drew Barefoot licensed With Etiquette. It is the perfect song to accompany their story!  Their ceremony was to be held outside and the question of the day was, “is it going to rain?”  We were all hoping with our fingers crossed that the sun would shine for Kristen and Darren who travelled all the way from Virginia to be married outdoors in the Canadian Rockies.   Thank you Callandra and her team from Cherry Tree Occasions for ensuring Kristen and Darren had the ceremony they wished for!  If you love beautiful imagery visit Orange Girl Photographs to view more of Kristen and Darren’s perfect Banff Wedding(search Buffalo Mountain Lodge)!

xo Nicole

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