Meet Myla..

With the wind + sunshine on our side we recently ventured out to capture “the skip”…Meet Myla.

The soundtrack is The Thought of You and I by, Ma Petite, licensed With Etiquette.

4 Responses

  1. OH my Nic!! What a treasure to have; this is beautiful. I tune into your blog every now and again an I’m always amazed at what I find. Myla is so sweet and innocent. I loved the part about being a Marine Biologist and the shadows of her skipping along. What a darling. Hope all is well. Sending hugs and a hello your way. Ross sends his love too!! xoxo JENNA

  2. YES! Love it!!!

  3. this is insanely good Nic!!

  4. Love love love this! This is so her. What a stylin’ little sunshine <3