Geeta + Trevor

Trevor is truly Geeta’s Prince and Geeta is Trevor’s Princess. They are both unbelievably brilliant, have hearts of gold and their connection is obvious. I have so many favourite moments from their two day wedding journey. Their western dance was epic(many days spent practicing). Geeta’s dress at the rehearsal was as beautiful as her wedding dress. The heartfelt moments spent amongst family and friends who travelled from a far. Their passionate vows. The incredible scenic back drop of Lake Louise. Most important the genuine connection they share with each other.

I LOVE their story…shared from their wedding website, written below. It is a must read!

The Meeting:

We met at what might be considered to be the opposite of a romantic resort, somewhere in the Caribbean. Geeta likes to say the crowd was in the over 70 (years of age) class, and while it may not have been quite that bad it certainly wasn’t going to be confused with a singles cruise! (Geeta: Everyone at the resort was there to check off their bucket list. Seriously.)

So here we have a Manhattan girl who hates the cold so much she brought (and wore) her parka on the beach, and a guy who lives in the frozen tundra, otherwise known as Canada, with a chance meeting in a foreign land.

Geeta: The first night we met I quite enjoyed the company of Trevor’s sister and brother in law. Trevor was relatively inoffensive.

Trevor: I assumed Geeta’s travel partner (just a friend) was her significant other. “Nice people, seem fun, where’s my mojito?”

On the second night we ran into each other again, this time at the disco (which was a very generous term for this resort)! Geeta’s travel buddy, Uday, facilitated a more detailed introduction, and from there we quickly found out that we had nothing in common….but we did seem to enjoy each other’s company.

Sparks aside, having only a couple of days left at the resort, there was only time for a freezing poolside afternoon, a thumping night out at the local Latin dance club and a hammock incident (Geeta: Trevor fell out of it). We had fun, exchanged contact info and went on our separate ways.

After all, what could happen between Calgary and NYC…?

The Plunge:

After “some” discussion and a “little” trepidation it was decided that Geeta will make the daring leap and come join Trevor in Calgary…..for real…..

The girl who hates the cold more than ANYTHING makes the ultimate sacrifice and comes to Canada. (Geeta: Just for a visit!)

Trevor: After getting over the initial shock and concern about the transition, her Mom seems to find the weather aspect particularly amusing.

From this point on, we never looked back. From ice skating to dancing, snowboarding and summering in the Rocky Mountains (Geeta: Bears! I saw real bears!!!), and exploring the globe together, we have always had an amazing time together.

Geeta began learning new words like “fracking” and “10-bagger”. And on the relationship front, the opportunity to be together only solidified what we managed to eventually figure out along way, we love each other (some debate on who said it first) and want to spend the rest of our lives together.

Geeta: Trevor said it first!

Trevor: I said “some” debate? I should have said “continual” debate!

The Proposal:

Trevor made it official in Mexico, where he proposed and Geeta accepted, in May of 2011.

The transportation and logistics guy from small town Canada and the Indian/Brazilian Manhattan girl had a chance meeting under unlikely circumstances and are now looking forward to sharing a lifetime of new experiences, opportunities and memories together.

*Music: Hem Me In ~ Amy Seeley ~ Licensed With Etiquette /// Perfect Day ~ Holley Maher ~ The Music Bed*

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  1. Absolutly amazing job!!! I am so impressed by the video clip, editing, music choice etc….. What a superb job. Bravo.