Kaylee + Kent

I adore these two and everything about their wedding day. The organic touch was perfect. All of the details hand made with so much love. Their first encounter happened when they met in Manitoba while dancing for the Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Theatre. Their story starts with Kent instantly having a crush on Kaylee and she did not even know it! Months later Kent was transferred back to Calgary where they were reintroduced by friends. These two are the most talented dancers I have ever met! Their expertise and passion for Ukrainian Dance has taken them across Canada and Australia. They are incredibly sweet people blessed with amazing family and friends. The day was a perfect balance with tears of joy + laughter.

Music Licensed with Etiquette: Everything You Say by Stella Stagecoach.

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  1. WOW!!! What an amazing tear inspiring wedding. Just beautiful. I LOVE the way you captured their incredible dancing.