2 minutes

It has been so exciting working with my Sensei. She started Karate when she was six and received her first black belt in Shoyokan Karate at the age of 15. She also holds a black belt in Bushido Kan Ryu and Kickboxing.

Typically a round in Martial Art’s fighting is two minutes.

In Sensei Alyssia’s words: 2 minutes. It feels like the blink of an eye when you hit the snooze button in the morning, when you are running late for work, or purposelessly surfing the Internet. It is such a short insignificant period of time in the grand scheme of things. But for a fighter. Two minutes is an eternity. It is a game of physical and mental chess. It is the difference between willpower and weakness. It is the sum of weeks, months, or even years of tears, sweat, and blood. Two minutes is everything. And in that two minutes a fighter gives everything…

I am looking forward to sharing Sensei Alyssia’s portrait film ~ her journey to date in martial art’s ~

xxoxox nicole

Meet Myla..

With the wind + sunshine on our side we recently ventured out to capture “the skip”…Meet Myla.

The soundtrack is The Thought of You and I by, Ma Petite, licensed With Etiquette.