A Million Stories

Everywhere around us, we see the beauty of a million brilliant stories. Setting the world aflutter, each one like no other. We are Confetti, and we are inspired by the multitude of colours and textures and beautiful bits and pieces of incredibly amazing things that are all a part of the story of you. Inspired by art, moved by emotion, we see beauty in all its shapes and forms. We love working closely with our couples to understand and express the beauty of their story. What makes you float on air? What makes you shimmer and sparkle? We’ll help you bring out the colours and textures that bring your story to life, and create a work of art that is a celebration of you.

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Jenna + Ray

Every time I hear from Jenna whether it be via email(which we have shared a lot of as she lives in Scotland with Ray), phone or in person I can’t help but smile.  Jenna and Ray’s wedding was a perfect reflection of them. Genuine, gracious, tons of emotion and much love.

I wanted to share a part of Jenna’s recent email.

“I have seen the video, I think I watched it a million times yesterday and I wanted to firstly compose myself to be able to tell you how much I love it.  Not only have you captured one of the best days of my life in such a way that I will never be able to thank you for but you’ve allowed me to see some of the things I value most put together so beautifully.  Honestly there are so many things I love about it, the way you’ve put together our cabin (something that is such a huge part of my family and carries with it so many amazing memories of summers spent there), my family and friends and their reactions to things I missed on the day that makes me so happy now being able to see that, when Raymond says my name I literally get shivers, our kiss, us dancing, us driving away… honestly I could dissect every single second of the two minutes but I really, really want to get across that I feel so privileged to be the recipient of what you and Trev do.

Never for one second underestimate what you give people, each time you create what you do you’re letting someone have a tangible thing to act as a memory.  When I’m an old lady with loads of lumps and bumps, no hair, swollen ankles and I barely recall ‘the good ol days’ I’ll be able to watch this and remember a piece of my life that changed it forever.”



Jillian + Matt

A few moments come to mind when I think of my first encounter with Jillian and Matt.

I was really excited about the location Jillian suggested ~ the vin room.  If you visit their website, it’s a perfect fit when you’re meeting others for the first time ~ people, wine, explore, discover:)

I really love that feeling you get when you meet someone for the first time.  The butterflies, the vision based on emails and phone calls.  Nothing compares to when you finally meet in person.

I first met Matt.  Jillian was running fashionably late. I remember his sophisticated sense of style.  His voice was very kind, and I connected with his genuine personality instantly.

I had know idea what Jillian looked like.  When she walked through the door I’m not sure how I knew it was her, but I did.  Her aura is overwhelming with thoughtfulness, her smile will melt you, and her passion for life is obvious.

Their wedding was a combination of all their inspiring qualities.  I will be sharing their wedding highlights soon with the beautiful details of their day including some of the amazing people we worked with.

Until then I wanted to share the opening sequence of their film.  In addition to the intimate side of Jillian and Matt I wanted to highlight the urban vibe within their personalities.



Clea + Ron {the highlight}

I wanted to thank Clea and Ron for having us as part of their journey.  I LOVE their story and I believe it is a true testament that everything in life happens for a reason.  Clea’s words were recently featured on Style Me Pretty.  If you have a moment it is a beautiful story: Whirlwind Romance & New Beginnings ~ Orange Girl Photography.



Clea + Ron {the preview}

A preview of what’s to come for Clea and Ron’s action packed and romantic wedding experience.  Their highlight, which is full of surprises is coming soon!

Some details about their day.. Fairmont Banff Springs, Canadian Rockies, a Beautiful voice, Bow ties, Orange girl photography, Lynn Fletcher Weddings and us ~ Confetti:)

**music: Drum Drama ~ **licensed through productiontrax**



Rainbows featured on Style me Pretty..

I was so excited to hear the news of Jenna & Ross’s wedding being featured on Style Me Pretty.  Amazing venue, amazing wedding, amazing couple..


Rainbows at Emerald Lake

Last February I received a beautiful email from Jenna and Ross.  They both completely inspire me with their passion for each other and the parts of life we often take for granted.  I’m sharing this email with you below.  It is ultimately the start our journey together and my gift to work with two fabulous people.  Since Jenna and Ross live in Ontario, our relationship evolved via email and our phone calls.  Finally, a much anticipated meeting in Calgary a week before their wedding and I felt as though I had known them forever.  I feel lucky to have been part of their breathtaking moment in time at Emerald Lake BC with their family and closest friends.

I was also lucky to share this experience with my good friends Kirstie and her husband Kevin from Orange Girl Photography.  A brilliant photographer, who I like to refer to as ‘The Goddess of Light’!  She shared a wonderful blog post about Jenna and Ross and their gorgeous invitations.

{Jenna’s original email}

Well, a bit about us…

Jenna Maedel, age 26, registered nurse.

Ross Tregenza, age 27, family business of powdered metals/ tool and die

We’ve been together for over 4 years now.  We live together just outside of London Ontario.  We are two lovers of art and anything that brings creativity to life.  On our first date we went to see stomp the musical and we knew we would be a great match for each other.  I have a love for everything paper and for colour.  Ross, mostly art and photography.  He’s really into music too.  That’s one area we aren’t exactly on the same page about!  LOL

For my 25th birthday, Ross surprised me with a jet setting trip to Paris France.  Yep, you guessed it, down on one knee on the top of the Eiffel tower.  I know cliche but it was soooo romantic.  We had a great time.  Paris in the fall; such a treat!

We’re coming out to the west coast for our wedding to keep it romantic and small.  We’re expecting about 50 guests to attend.  We’re hoping to write our own vows if we can get past the emotional part and not sob!  lol

If I had to sum up our relationship, I’d probably say that its fun loving, playful and romantic!

Well that’s the basics I guess!

**music: If Ever There’s a Reason ~ Derby**licensed With Etiquette**



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